DRCA Meets with Senator Gary Peters

DRCA met with Senator Gary Peters on Wednesday, on June 27rd, 2022, in Washington, DC, to discus opportunities to improve America’s ability to streamline disaster recovery and provide assistance to those in need quickly and efficiently following natural disasters.  The group also discussed the Nation’s ability to provide post-disaster housing to disaster victims efficiently and effectively on a short, medium and longer term basis.   Finally, the group discussed the opportunity to streamline the applications process for federal assistance by limiting the number of applications disaster victims need to fill out to receive federal funding following disasters.

Senator Gary Peters (MI) serves on the following committees:

  • Chairman of the Homeland Security & Government Affairs Committee
  • Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee
  • Senate Armed Services Committee

DRCA Members (left to right):

    • Casey Long, Managing Director DRCA
    • Mark Misczak, COO Tidal Basin
    • Dethrell Garcia (guest)
    • Melissa Gordon, Senior Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, Tidal Basin
    • Senator Daniel Webster
    • James Joseph, Chief of Staff, Tidal Basin
    • Daniel Craig, DRCA Chairman & CEO Tidal Basin
    • David Venables, National Account Manager, Lowe’s
    • Jay Harper, Director of Government Affairs, SLSCO
    • Bill Slater, Vice President Tidal Basin
    • Daniel Baxter, Chief Financial Officer, Debris Tech