Privacy Policy

DRCA Membership Policies:

Membership in the association is by invitation. The association maintains a standing Membership Committee, which periodically evaluates non-members for invitation to membership, and evaluates current members to assure that their institutional missions, and the fulfillment of those missions, remain consonant with the character and purpose of the association.

In its evaluation of institutions, the Membership Committee is guided by a set of Membership Principles and Membership Indicators. The Membership Principles specify the primary purpose of the association and the corresponding characteristics of its member institutions. The Membership Indicators are a two-phase set of quantitative measures used to assess the breadth and quality of institution.

In assessing potential new members, the evaluation of the institutions profiles based on the Membership Indicators is the first stage of a two-stage process used to identify institutions that may be invited into membership. The second stage involves a more qualitative set of judgments about an institution’s mission, characteristics, and trajectory.

Institutions that are nominated for invitation to membership must be approved by a three-fourths vote of members.