Jonathan Burgiel

President of Tetra Tech’s Disaster Recovery Business Unit

As President of Tetra Tech’s Disaster Recovery Business Unit, Mr. Burgiel manages the business operations of all disaster recovery efforts, including project planning, logistics, grant administration, consensus building, program accounting/auditing oversight, and contract negotiations. Mr. Burgiel has 36+ years of solid waste and disaster recovery experience. His disaster-related work has included serving as principal in charge of over 100 projects, helping clients throughout the country prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural and human-caused disasters and to receive the maximum allowable reimbursement from state and federal funding agencies.

He is intimately familiar with FEMA, HUD, and FHWA policies and procedures as well as local, state, and federal regulations as they relate to disaster management and recovery. Mr. Burgiel has a commitment to excellence and is a leader in process improvement for debris monitoring and disaster recovery housing projects.  Utilizing his in-depth understanding of HUD’s requirements coupled with our client’s concerns over programmatic elements such as intake, environmental, historical reviews, damage assessments, cost estimating, he has pioneered the automation of data, use of cloud-based software, and tablet-based data collection modifications of Tetra Tech’s proprietary software, RecoveryTracTM, to bring speed and efficiency to our process.  Mr. Burgiel saved his clients millions of dollars in program administration costs and significant amount of time by these improvements.