Brian Barraco

Procurement Officer, Project Manager Tyton Government Services

Brian Barraco began his career in disaster recovery as the Deputy Project Manager for the Louisiana Shelter at Home Program in 2016. He utilized his experience managing sales and construction to guide his accomplishments in helping families devastated by flooding. From there, Brian has worked his way through disaster recovery projects with grit and elbow grease, helping to restore thousands of homes along the way. Brian knows firsthand the emotions and difficulties that families go through during a loss, having lost his own home during Hurricane Katrina.

Over the years, Brian’s expertise and field experience has enabled him to serve in key management roles on FEMA and HUD-funded relief and recovery projects spanning domestically from Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and abroad to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. He immerses himself wholly into every role, even living in the affected region and learning the local language for maximum effectiveness with the onsite crews. By bringing his talents with proposal writing, government and private procurement, and business development to the table, Brian has been instrumental in launching Tyton Government Services’ transition into the domestic sphere.

Brian plans to develop TGS as a prime contractor for stateside projects and drive turnkey solutions that will leave TGS as a coveted contract award recipient.